Current issues in streetwear

Streetwear is an increasingly popular style in the fashion industry, but there are also some issues the industry is facing.

  1. The demand for limited releases leads to high prices and resellers. Many streetwear brands produce clothing in limited quantities and release them in the form of "drops", resulting in demand exceeding supply. This causes the prices of certain clothing items to skyrocket, making it difficult to acquire for those who actually want to wear and enjoy the clothing. A clothing black market has also developed, with resellers selling the clothing at exorbitant prices.
  2. The streetwear scene is flooded with brands and corporations. While streetwear was originally intended as an expression of individual styles and subcultures, it is now increasingly being adopted by large fashion companies and corporations. As a result, the authenticity and individuality of the scene is lost and it adapts more and more to the mainstream.
  3. One of the biggest problems is design copycatting. Many big fashion brands are copied by smaller companies, which not only harms the original designer financially, but also causes the integrity and originality of the design to be lost. This is a major issue that needs to be addressed in the streetwear industry to ensure designers are given proper credit for their work.

  4. After all, sustainability is a big issue in the fashion industry as a whole and also in the streetwear sector. The production of clothing can be harmful to the environment, especially if it is made under poor working conditions. It is important that the streetwear industry strives to develop more sustainable production methods to avoid the negative impact on the environment.

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