Straight Leg Pants

Pants in particular are an important part of streetwear and have gained popularity in recent years. They are often seen as an alternative to the typical tight and slim-fitting trousers in the streetwear scene, offering a more comfortable and casual look.

Straight trousers are available in different cuts, from classic to modern. Some of the most popular cuts are the straight, comfortable fit, the so-called "dad pants", the cargo pants with pockets, and the slightly flared "bell bottom" pants. Each cut offers its own style and can be chosen based on personal taste and preference.

Straight trousers are particularly suitable for casual and comfortable looks and can be combined with many different tops. They are ideal for everyday use and can be worn for both formal and informal occasions.

A great advantage of straight pants is that they are suitable for any body shape. They are comfortable and offer freedom of movement, making them a good choice for people of different body sizes and types.

Straight pants can also be easily accessorized to complete the look. Popular accessories include belts, bags and shoes in bright colors or with interesting details

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